How This Whole Magical Process Works

We love to make it super easy for you to create, press and sell quality custom apparel for a profit

woman uploading design to computer


woman uploading design to computer

You upload artwork

Don't have print-ready artwork? We have an art services team ready to help you out.


team of designers working on project

We check your design

To ensure the best results, our season artists will review your artwork. You will either get an email saying your order is good-to-go OR a detailed review that includes our recommendations to adjust your artwork for optimal results.

team of designers working on project
people in screen printing factory


people in screen printing factory

We screen print it

We'll screen print your artwork onto a special heat transfer release paper. We've been doing this since 1981!


truck with free shipping printed on side

We ship your order fast

Most of our custom transfers are ready to ship in 1 to 3 business days. A delivery date is estimated at checkout. Enjoy FREE shipping on all online orders $200+.

truck with free shipping printed on side
woman using heat press


woman using heat press

You heat press it

Most of our products apply in just 7 seconds. We include easy-to-follow application guidelines to heat press your design onto apparel and other soft goods and accessories.


truck with free shipping printed on side

You deliver custom apparel

Deliver quality screen-printed apparel your customers love so much they'll come back for another project. Rinse. Repeat.

truck with free shipping printed on side
picture of sample pack kit

Try Before You Buy

Get your hands on real samples of each formula option you can apply, feel and wash test.

How Do Screen Printed Heat Transfers Compare to Other Decoration Options?

FM Expressions logo Screen Printed Heat Transfers Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Direct To Film (DTF) Direct To Garment (DTG) Screen Printing
Ideal Quantity Range 20+ 1-20 1-20 1-20 75+
Spot Color Designs
Full Color Designs
Simulated Process
Economies of Scale
Startup Cost Low Low Med High High
Plastisol Ink
No Weeding

Does It Cost An Arm And A Leg?

Nope. As low as a dime and a nickel for our one-color heat transfers after the $25 setup.

dime and nickel

Pricing Comparison

pricing comparison chart

We compared the average price per unit for a 9" x 12.75" (adult front) graphic

*HTV does not include labor cost of cutting and weeding

Flexible Ordering Options

Single Image

Simple, straight-foward, and competitive pricing for individual print designs.

To make placement easy, each design comes cut to the size of the artwork you upload. This is the ideal option for efficient ecommerce fulfillment.

Pre-order setup fee + simple per unit price

Gang Sheet

Pricing is per sheet. Combine as many images as you can fit within the selected sheet. We recommend leaving yourself .25”-.5” between each design so you can easily cut them apart.

Ideal for grouping multiple placements together or a lot of smaller designs, like tagless labels.

Per-sheet pricing discounts by quantity with no setup fee.

designer aligning text on a table

Artwork Guidelines

Learn how to set up your artwork to create apparel your customers will love. Our art services team is here to guide you every step of the way.

designer aligning text on a table

Free T-Shirt Graphic Size & Placement Guide

Learn what size to make your designs and where to place them on a wide variety of garments.

designer aligning text on a table

Free Adobe Illustrator Course

Discover how to create designs customers love with Adobe Illustrator. Learn at your own pace across 26 easy-to-follow sessions.

Fast + Reliable Delivery

Most custom orders ship in 1-3 business days. Enjoy FREE shipping on orders $200+.

fast delivery service