Factory Tour

Spectrum Works

We're a proud partner of the non-profit Spectrum Works. Spectrum Works creates job opportunities for individuals with autism by building inclusive workforces at companies. Together, we employ and train approximately 100 individuals with autism per year, creating 26,000+ sample packs and processing 10,000+ art file annually.

80% of those with autism are unemployed. We encourage other to be part of the solution by providing a path to meaningful employment for individuals with autism!

two coworkers wearing blue outfits


Our Virginia HQ currently sports 2,500 solar panels on its roof, the largest system of its kind in the state of Virginia. The 1,000,000 kilowatts produced by this grid helps us power our facility and produce north of 200,000 transfers every day.

Likewise, solar power fuels our daily output of 40,000+ garments screen printed in-house. Our incorporation of solar panels allows us to offset over 842 tons of carbon, annually, shrinking our carbon footprint at a time when doing so is as important as ever.

man installing solar panels