Elizabeth Elswick

Hippie's Daughter - Saint Albans, WV

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Hippie's Daughter is a little inappropriate but always humorous when taking nostalgic Appalachian sayings and creating fun, original designs to provoke that feeling of home in the mountains with your mamaws and papaws.

How does FM enable your creativity?

FM lets me think out of the box. I can make super unique and premium clothing, affordably, which is very important to me.

What made you happiest about working with our company?

The site makes it easy to order, and FM double-checks your art size before to ensure it'll print well. I absolutely love the quality of FM's screen print transfers and the customer service has been amazing as well!

What's the main reason you recommend our product or service?

I've recommended FM to other small businesses because they're easy to order and apply, plus the quality is superb. FM is a great way for any size of business to start making their own merch.

How does your creative work touch someone's life?

I make goods and apparel using nostalgic Appalachian sayings to remind them of their loved ones and home. I've heard so many incredible stories from customers over the years and how it reminds them of ones they've lost and that's what it is all about. Finding that connection between my art and our heritage.

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How has our product/service improved your day-to-day life?

I loved switching from having someone else print shirts for me to printing them myself with FM. That way I know exactly what I'm getting, and it works well for the small space I work in, aka my house.

How did you discover FM?

I was searching for different ways I could start printing my own apparel with transfers and stumbled across screen print transfers and ordered sample packs from a few different places. FM had the best results, so I dove on in and ordered a bunch of custom transfers.

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What has been your most successful/favorite design to produce?

That has to be the Dollar design. The Dolly design perfectly showcases how FM lets you think out of the box. It has 5 different printed areas and only FM transfers would allow me to get that result how I want and affordably.

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What got you interested in the space you're in?

I have always been into art and creating things. I was very fortunate to grow up with 4 grandparents and spent a lot of time with them. So, I had the influence of an artist and cook, a grade schoolteacher, a coal miner who loves to garden, and a veteran who could build absolutely anything. I learned a lot and tried a lot of different styles of art along the way. I went to college for Graphic Design but never dove into that. Instead, I took a safe and boring job for a while for financial purposes and started art on the side. Starting my own business and putting my all into it, I could feel it was just the right fit.

How do you impact your family/community?

My family and community are my inspiration. I pull from my upbringing in West Virginia and cater to Appalachians. I do a lot of local events and sell in a lot of local shops to help my local economy. It's so much fun hearing stories from customers relating to my art. I also did a lot of firsts in my family, not very many family members went to college and graduated. I'm also the first and only small business owner in my family, not to mention an artist. I know my family is proud of me.

How are you continuing to evolve your brand?

It's crazy to look back to 2017 when I started to see how much my art and business has evolved and it will continue to. I continue to evolve my skills and how I can help others with advice or nostalgic merch. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Do you have any pets?

I do, my husband and I have 2 cats and two dogs. We have a black cat that is quite evil to everyone but us that we rescued about 10 years ago, she's so adorable in her spiked collar. Then, we have an orange tabby that was a stray who adopted us. He's so funny with his crazy meowing and constant need for attention. We have a shepherd/husky mix I brought home from a rescue, her attitude is wild and sassy but so sweet. And the latest addition is a wild German Sheperd puppy my husband brought home last summer. He's a handful.

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When do you know if something is going to work?

You just must trust your gut. It's never an easy road to starting and growing your own business, but it is beyond worth it. Sometimes, it's honestly like puzzle pieces falling into place and other times it's a full-on battle.

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What was your biggest challenge developing your business?

Not knowing what to do. I didn't have anyone to look up to in my family or friends. At the time, it wasn't common to just start a business - especially in art. Our culture in West Virginia was mostly like being a nurse or hitting mines and both of those were a hell no for me. I have had to learn so much on the tax and legal end to the developing and manufacturing end.

What would you say to others who may be facing the same challenges as you?

Ask someone, take a class, read, take in as much information as you can and track everything. It'll be hard but it can absolutely be done.

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Define success.

I see success as doing what you love and living authentically and happily. I love working for myself, I love making art, and I love my style of artwork. I love that my art resonates with so many people and hearing their stories, that tells me I've done something good. Working for myself gives me more freedom to do what I want and be who I want.

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