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Great for shops that are serious about maximizing production efficiency. Ideal for applying names & numbers.

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Designed for maximum efficiency with minimal effort applied. Made in America for those shops that are focused on high-output production.

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New touch screen display

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Large Print Area

Features a large surface area heat platen, up to 20″x 25″.

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Lifetime warranty on the heating element.

Incredibly Fast Impossibly Simple

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Digital timer on the integrated touch-screen controller. When you close the press, the timer will start its countdown. When it reaches “0,” the buzzer will sound. Lifting the upper platen will automatically reset the timer.

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Capable of generating up to 450ºF, HIX creates its own heat casting with a cast-in heating rod. Castings are tested to be within 3% of the dialed-in temperature.

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Able to generate over 1200 lbs of downward force with very little effort. Exclusive progressive linkage method provides a mechanical advantage. A small amount of force on the hand end produces a much larger force on the press end.

Open/Close Handle

You can literally open and close the press with two fingers even at maximum pressure.

Ergonomic Swing Away Handle

Smoothly swings the heat platen away from the imprint area.

Rubber Covered Lower Platen

Clearance to presse items up to 1.75” thick.

Pressure Adjustment Knob

Adjust pressure to apply up to1200 lbs of downward force.

Digital Touch Screen Controls

Totally integrated digital time and temperature controls.

Flat Even-Heat Platen

Casted using a proprietary aluminum alloy blend at the Hix foundry in Pittsburg, KS USA.

Swingman 20

16" x 20"

BUY NOW - $1,645

Swingman 25

20" x 25"

BUY NOW - $2,650

Frequently asked questions

For shirts/garments that are flat and flexible (mouse pads), clamshell presses are best. They require less counter space, less movement (straight down, straight up), and are therefore the fastest of the manual presses. Swing-away's can be used in more applications. Swing-away's are ideal for applications that require layout work, like player names and numbers.

The Swing-away press swings totally away from the lower platen, allowing for precise layout of letters/numbers and appliques, rhinestones, and more as they allow the operator to press down vertically onto the work surface.

If your casting is Aluminum (not coated) you can use soap and water with steel wool, brillo or scrub-type pads. Sandpater (400 grit) has also been found to be effective. Never use Oven Cleaner on Aluminum casting - this seems to etch the aluminum and is difficult to remove.

Lubricate the joints of moving parts (pins etc.) on a regular basis(Check Owner's Manual / every 2,000 cycles / every 6 months). Replace parts that will wear out over time (e.g. thermostats, timers, thermometers, and pad) as needed.

For a HIX 120 volt machine with a 16"x20" heat platen set on 380ºF at 10¢/KWH.

50 Garments - 24¢/day

100 Garments - 28¢/day

500 Garments - 63¢/day

Machines with Teflon coated platens use ~4X more electricity. A 120 volt Teflon coated machine with a 16"x20" heat platen set on 380ºF at 10¢/KWH.

50 Garments - 88¢/day

100 Garments - .04/day

500 Garments - .24/day